Welcome, learn about my latest projects.

I’m a product designer working on civic technology at CITYMART. I’m leading the design of a platform dedicated to facilitate the way city employees procure solutions for cities’ complex problems.

I’ve also collaborated with a talented team of storytellers on a prosocial serious videogame TARGET:BACRIM.

I led the design of a platform to translate media analysis into meaningful insights for media funders and producers to strategize outreach efforts. StoryPilot.org

I helped with the design of AddUp.org, an interactive platform that enables the environmental movement to drive activism online and mobilize communities.

Leesh is a digital community designed for dog lovers. Find walking buddies or hire them directly from the app.

Gawn is a marketplace that offers a waste solution for surplus furniture in NYC. Born at an IDEO hackathon, our team got the second place for this thoughtful and simple solution.